Helsinki 30.10.2021

Live performance at Kahvila Päijänne, Helsinki




loviambient @kiasma

Helsinki 15.10.2020

Live performance at Esitys_nyt äänessä, Kiasma, Helsinki


Helsinki 7.3.2020

Live performance at Päijänteen II Ääni, Kahvila Päijänne, Helsinki






Kokkola 7.9.2019

Live performance at Kahvila Saha, Ykspihlaja, Kokkola






kukemuru ambient

Järva 3.8.2019

Live performance at Kukemuru Ambient Festival 2019, Laupa manor, Järva, Estonia






rihmasto + aarniseppä

Helsinki 21.3.2019

Live performance with Aarniseppä at Lovi Ambientklubi, Lavaklubi FNT, Helsinki







​​C-cassette by Aarniseppä & Rihmasto

Side A - Aarniseppä: Käärmeenpesä 22:28

Side B - Rihmasto: Virran mukana 22:30

Tuotanto Haloo 2018





kokeellista musiikkia, runoutta ja kosmologiaa

Helsinki 14.4.2018

Live performance at Library of Richardinkatu, Helsinki





musique maudite konzert-festival

Berlin 7.4.2018

Live performance by Jukka Andersson at REFO Moabit, Berlin, Deutschland






Espoo 24.2.2018

Live performance at Lovi kirjastoambient, Sello Library, Espoo






Helsinki 12.5.2017

Live performance at MAA 2.0, Suomenlinna, Helsinki





Helsinki 11.5.2017

Live performance at Akusmata, Helsinki





lovi ambientklubi I
Helsinki 26.1.2017

Live performance at Lovi ambientklubi, Lavaklubi FNT, Helsinki












Kokkola 17.9.2016

Live performance at Kohina ambient music festival, Teatteri Iltatähti, Kokkola





Eno 14.8.2016

Live performance at Maailmanselitysfestivaali, Eno





Helsinki 27.4.2014

Live performance at Lennätin, Harakka island, Helsinki





the great open space of continuous, eternal, ever-flowing sound
Helsinki 17.11.2013

Live performance at Taidehalli, Helsinki





Kouvola 21.7.2012

Live performance at Kulttuuritallit, Kouvola





Turku 27.1.2012

Live performance at Kirjakahvila, Turku





ambient laboratorio
Helsinki 19.8.2011

Live performance at Musiikkiteatteri Kapsäkki, Helsinki





Helsinki 20.1.2012

Live performance at Kalleria, Helsinki





Helsinki 1.4.2011

Live performance at Myymälä2, Helsinki







A track made for Avaruusromua 20 years anniversary






puusta pitkään

Track made for Ääniversumi radio program, YleRadio1 22.6.2009






Helsinki 29.11.2008

Live performance at Suuri Aika, Studio La-bàs, Cable Factory, Helsinki






colossus club
Helsinki 8.12.2007

Live performance at Colossus Club, Semifinal, Helsinki






Helsinki 10.8.2007

Live performance at Laitama, Nokianpuisto, Vallila, Helsinki






Helsinki 5.5.2007

Live performance at Là-bas - Horros, Cablefactory, Helsinki






elektro in kantsu
Helsinki 17.11.2006

Live performance at Kanneltalo, Helsinki






metsän juurella


Very deep, dark and peaceful atmospheres. Exciting journey to heart of the nightly forest. Recorded and engineered at Taivaskallio, Helsinki. Mixed parts from live performance at TVO, Turku 2.12.2004






ambient kouvola
Kouvola 18.6.2006

Live performance at Ambient Kouvola, Central Park, Kouvola






Kokkola 26.11.2005


Live performance at Rajakokemus Club, Westcoast Bar, Kokkola

A journey from arctic atmosphere through cold watery cave and tunnel slowly to forest soundscape full of weird organisms.






4'33'' of sound
Helsinki 24.9.2005

Live performance at 4'33'' of Sound: Abstracts of Audio Art - Kuvataideakatemia, Helsinki






Helsinki 30.7.2005

Live performance at Laitama - Art Goes Camping at Viikki, Helsinki


Dronning sound brings you slowly to streaming water. At the end of the river there are sealstories told by the fire.






pauanne II
Kaustinen 16.7.2005

Live performance at the second Pauanne Ambient Festival, Kaustinen






Turku 9.4.2005

Live performance at Köysiratagalleria, Turku
Untamala video art by Jukka Hautamäki






bias (various artists)

rihmasto - kolo 28:30

Dark and monotonic ambient track made for webrelease compilation by Luumurecordings






Turku 2.12.2004

Live performance at Là-bas - TVO, Turku






Kaustinen 17.7.2004


Live performance at the first Pauanne Ambient Festival, Kaustinen






blind sight (various artists)

rihmasto - höyhensaari 3:01

Short track made for Blind Sight exhibition and catalog by Arte ry






Kouvola 17.10.2003

Live performance with Sir Lokki at Uninu, Unihäiriö, Kouvola






Helsinki 4.10.2003

Live performance at Studio Là-bas - Horros, Cablefactory, Helsinki






là-bas: sound politics
Helsinki 26.4.2003

Live performance at Là-bas: Sound Politics, Studio Là-bas, Cablefactory, Helsinki






Kokkola 19.4.2003

Live performance at Pääsiäisjamit, Seurahuone, Kokkola







One single varying drone with waterscapes, russian trains, a factory, pipe organ, nature and technology. This album shows you a very deep and spiritual side of rihmasto.

This album contains studio recordings, and also some mixed parts from live performances at Jyväskylä and Helsinki.

This CD is in a DVD-box with piece of the real "rihmasto" inside. Cover art by Vikur.






Valkeala 7.9.2002

Live performance at Unihäiriö, Mustalamminvuori, Repovesi, Valkeala







Porvoo 5.7.2002

Very bright livetrack with nature sounds and timeless peaceful space








Minimal ambient track by Jukka Andersson






Jyväskylä 27.4.2002


Live performance at Fluoro, Ilokivi, Jyväskylä






café ursulassa
Helsinki 30.3.2001

Live performance at Café Ursula, Helsinki. There was a special kind of happening with special kind of people.






uneksija ja uneksittu

1. maan virtaus  10:16
2. ääni ja väri  17:44
3. vasen puoli  27:51
4. toinen itse  16:15
5. valoydin  2:29

Metamusic project by Jarkko Lahti






Turku 5.8.2000


Performed live at Koneisto-festival, Turku. There was the ambient adventure park with lots of ambient-DJs and live performances.

We played one long and varying track. There were very visual soundscapes. First there was a light forest section with birds and streaming water. Then you go underground, where is dark and scary. It takes you through the cave. Suddenly there is water everywhere. It takes your consciousness upside-down. At the end you find yourself relaxing in the paradise.






unten mailla
Kokkola 22.4.2000

1. osa 1  40:01
2. osa 2  27:41

Live performance at Pääsiäisjamit, Kokkola. There was a space only for rihmasto and Nemesis. We played alternately the whole evening.

There was also a visual side of rihmasto in that performance. Two videoscreens were reflected through the veil to the audience.

The sound was quite dark and slow, like night. We played without any planning. We just let the sound take us further.








Only one long track that is a mixdown combination. Suo includes all the tracks of rihmasto and värähtely. Suo means swamp in english. There are lots of weird things at this swamp. You can bring your own swampy space with a week lasting repeat play.







1. kohinasignaali  18:27
2. vedessä  19:17
3. kantajan takauma  12:56
4. uniaika  16:16

More minimal side of rihmasto. Värähtely means vibration in english. Every sound has the own level of vibration. Colors has their own level, and everything else vibrates. There is lots of vibration we do not sense. You can find some new vibration at this album, that people do not sense normally.

Kohina Signaali is made by Jukka. There are noisy signals coming from outer space. You can almost see those colored signals coming through the noisy space.

Vedessä is made by Jarkko. A close look to some really wet and quiet place, where is something that has really got lost.

Kantajan Takauma is made by Jukka. There you can find a rhythmic side of rihmasto, and unhealthy sounds that crawls through your head.

Uniaika is made by Jarkko. A trip to the inorganic world of shadows. A very minimal and deep track made among the trees.







1. suunta  11:27

2. muoto  8:31

3. pohja  8:35

4. näkemys  8:31

5. kuei  16:37


Early rihmasto album in the beginning of everything. This is how it all began. The sound is pure, but not very deep surroundings yet. We had lots of influences of many other ambient artists.

Suunta is a really dark piece of rihmasto. One long drone leads you through the binaural bubbleforest.

Muoto is totally a binaural work. The sound goes over and through your head. It feels like your head is surrounded by electricity.

Pohja leads you below the surface. First you are in the water, then you dive. There are all kinds of things and lots of pressure. Suddenly you reach the bottom.

Näkemys is a difficult sounding track. These rhythms comes from some far place that is not meant to the people.

Kuei is a mixture of nature and technology. This track tells you the story of the developing soul of disappearing nature.